When Big Muskies Go On The Prowl

By Steve Heiting: Musky fishing is all about big fish, and the days when we catch a giant provide fond memories. The days when we catch multiple big fish, however, are special because they don’t happen often.
Usually when a multiple big musky day occurs, a number of factors come into play, such as environmental phenomena, our own decision making and technique. As musky anglers, we have control over two of those three factors, and we can be aware of what’s going on in the environment.
Let’s assume that our technique is perfect. If it isn’t, you probably know where you can improve. Decision making may include which lake you fished today, what lure and colors you chose to throw, when you fished certain spots, and when you chose to take lunch or put the boat on the trailer and go home. Many of those decisions should be made according to what’s happening in the environment:
“ The sky can dictate the water you fish ” on clear days it’s often best to fish dark water, and on dark days it might be a good idea to fish clear water.
“ Lures should be chosen according to how aggressive you think the muskies are. If the water is warm and you think the fish will be chasing, fish fast with bucktails or topwaters. However, if the water is cold or the sky conditions are post-frontal, you need a slower, more vertical presentation, so start with minnowbaits and work toward jerkbaits or plastics. Adjust as you see muskies react to your offerings.
“ When to fish spots depends on your history on them. Have you noticed that a certain weedbed turns on in the morning and not the afternoon? Did you see a big fish there yesterday and the moon is about to rise? (If so, go now!) If you are seeing muskies on weed spots and not rocks, do you fish a rock spot next just because it’s the next one in your milk run?
“ When to take lunch/trailer your boat depends on what’s about to occur. If a storm is approaching, keep fishing. If the moon is about to do something on the horizon or a Solunar period is about to occur, keep fishing.
In the June/July issue of Musky Hunter, I analyzed the results of three big days that occurred in my boat, and the results were interesting. This issue mails to subscribers May 15 and goes on sale on newsstands June 4.

Jim Saric

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