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Virginia Musky report from Sam Scott

Much of the same conditions started off this past week of fishing. High rivers with lots of stain and 12-18” visibility. We got the week started with 2 senior anglers that drove down from Wisconsin to see what all the fuss was about here in Virginia over the winter season. Their trip got off to an action packed start with both of them landing trophy muskies within the first hour or two. We found success fishing slow and on the bottom with jigs and ShadZilla swimbaits! Throughout the day these fellas landed several other fish including a 48” big headed female that actually got off at the net , and then took the bait again on the very next cast and we sealed the deal on our second attempt at landing her!
Several days straight of rainfall presented a problem for the later part of our week, flooded rivers. When the James and the New Rivers are
Too high to safely fish, we head to one of the many lakes in Virginia that you can catch musky in. A quick change of gears and we were on fish again! This time using OLT sucker baits to seal the deal on a new Personal Best for a Connecticut client Rafal! 
This weeks advice from me to you fishing Virginia muskies is don’t hang up your plans to fish if our rivers blow out, pick a lake or impoundment that has muskies and give them a shot! You May be surprised at the awesome lake musky Fisheries Virginia holds, many of which are diamonds in the rough ! Below is a list of lakes in VA that hold musky populations as well as a rating of their population health from 1-3 Stars
Byllesby Reservoir  2*
Burke Lake 2*
Clayton Lake 1*
Flanagan Reservoir 1*
Hungry Mother Lake 2.5*
Rural Retreat Lake 2.5*
Shenandoah Lake 2*
Smith Mountain Lake 1*
South Holston Reservoir 1*
Blue Ridge Musky is currently booking for the fall 2021 season, if your interested in getting out on a musky hunt with Sam, give us a shout or visit our website for more information on trips as well as custom Blue Ridge Musky Rods, RSNets, and custom musky baits ! 

Gregg Thomas

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