Vilas County Report-Lori Scherf

Musky fishing in Vilas county Wisconsin 
Started off on a hot bite over the holiday weekend on some of the lakes that had less recreational boat pressure. With water temps at 76-77 degrees, we found that the fish were tight to the weeds/edges as were the bait fish. For us, it was a bucktail bite, using only homemade bucktails by Bou Buck Musky Baits made by myself. Trying out some new colors of tinsel with an 8/5 combo blades turned out to be a deadly combination. Then by mid-week the weather changed to a cold front, making fishing conditions more difficult, making for some lethargic follows. By the end of the week, the weather pattern finally stabilized to average water temperatures of 71-74 by mid morning & afternoons. The key depths we found the fish to be in were 8-12ft with nice green cabbage weeds, fishing your lure between the cabbage “pods” was key. And being thorough, fishing slower in some of the weed pod areas that we raised fish before, picking them apart to draw them out of hiding. Sometimes using different presentations, besides bucktails such as glide baits and top water. Also, following our majors, minors, moon phase charts very closely in these prime areas as the windows were very short sometimes maybe 45 minutes, or less, but had great rewards. With the stable weather patterns the bigger fish mid to upper 40 inches started to turn on for us on multiple lakes we fished. In the end, study your lake maps, moon charts, weather patterns, and put the time in on the water and you will be rewarded with success. Remember if you dream of big fish, you can catch them, catch your dreams!

Gregg Thomas

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