Trying OLD MUSKY LURE – Does it STILL WORK in 2021?-Cool Youtube video

This is something that I always love to see.  The older original lures to me are some of the coolest baits made.  I have always loved the original wooden baits.    To me these lures have the most character from the shapes, the designs and the paint jobs.  To me these lures that have imperfections are some of the most unique and some of my favorites.  Take a look at this latest video from kanalgratisdotcom! 
My last day fishing in Iowa was a good one! I was joined by @Angling Anarchy once again to chase Muskies in an Iowa Reservoir. We also fished with @Matt Vavroch Fishing and had a great time, but today we get lucky again! Find gear here: https://www.kanalgratis.com

Gregg Thomas

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