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The CATCH with Ken Trail – Virginia!

It’s Janurary 2015 and it’s prime time here in Virginia, and my client and I are on a big fish hunt. The action this day started very slowly, we had moved a handful of fish but I knew the moon was going to be right later in the day so I wasn’t that concerned.

I had moved a certain fish a couple times over the previous week with other clients and knew she was special. The fish was located in a small pocket in a deep cut bank. That area is very deep for that section of river and has some piled up trees in it for cover. We arrived at this spot right at the prime moon time for the day and began to cover the area with a couple different baits. We had been fishing this spot, which is honestly a few boat lengths long by a couple wide, for over an hour.  I repositioned the boat and told my client let’s give it just a few more casts. I put a mini Hot Tail Glider on his line, one that I had moved the fish on previously, and he casted a handful of times .We were just about to give up and Darrel made a cast and here she comes… she smoked the bait about 25-30’ from the boat. Darrel sets the hook and has her, she head shakes violently a couple times and lunges out of the water and the bait flies out of her mouth! She was hooked for maybe 10 seconds. We both were crushed, after a few not so pleasant words. I told Darrel heck throw back in there you never know. Second cast she crushed it again, on the same bait! Unbelievable right, I couldn’t even believe it myself! We got her in the boat this time and it was over 51” and had awesome girth. I know, I know there will be skeptics but Darrel has traveled around with me to some shows over the years with the replica and we’ve told this story countless times. Yes, it was the same fish that ate twice, we don’t have that many fish in this category roaming the rivers we fish and we both had a great look at her the first time we hooked her when she left the water. Believe it or not, that’s the way it happened and I will always remember this catch!

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Captain Ken Trail


Gregg Thomas

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