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The Catch *Capt Kevin Pischke* Green Bay

Multiple fish days are good, combine that with setting someone’s personal best and it’s an even better day. Sept 15 th was one of those days this past season. Phil and Botz have fished
with me for several years, and while the fishing has always been good they always seemed to be there the day before or the day after one of those days.

About ninety minutes in the number two port side St Croix Musky Mojo loaded up with the Penn Squall letting out rips of drag. Before landing in the net the fish decided to get acrobatic and clear the water completely two separate times. Phil started off the day with an upper forties Green Bay musky, his biggest fish to date.

After a few passes out deeper we swung over back over that last waypoint when the down rod went off.  Botz got to battle a really angry mid-forties fish that was even less pleased with us once it hit the net, it inhaled all but the lip of a Shallow Invader.

After a two-hour lull we ended the day when our third fish grabbed a TRO Deep Slammer. After a few initial long pulls of drag this fish swam deep and didn’t want to budge.  After coaxing it up and a handful of massive head shakes the fish surfaced about fifteen feet behind the boat and gave us a good look at her size before sliding into the net. Bumping just shy of fifty-two she put Phil in the fifty-inch club and set a pretty good mark for his new personal best.

Gregg Thomas

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