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“The Catch” of the Week by Musky Hunter submission – 9-15-21

The week “The Catch” comes to us from Maryglenn Warnock.  It was late May 2021 on Cave Run Lake on a guided fishing trip with none other than Editor, Gregg Thomas.  Gregg is the owner of Battle the Beast Guide Service, but enough about him.  From the words of Maryglenn herself about this memorable catch…

“It was a Wednesday and we had fished all morning to no avail.  A storm blew in which took us off the water for a while.  Gregg had taken me to Pops Barbecue (everyone should go when they are at Cave Run Lake), and it was some of the best I have eaten.  We get back on the water, late that afternoon, and start jigging with a bondi lure.  We were discussing Gregg’s love of Wynonna Judd (this is a bit malicious on my part) when this fish hit like nobody’s business.  I fight with her all the way to the boat very excited and determined.  Gregg get’s her netted and as we pull her up she starts to flop and whale around like crazy.  Honestly, she was a bit over the top dramatic.  She measured out to 39.5” and then as we go to put her back in the water she shows her evil side again and plays dead and just floats for an insanely long time.  All at once the hussy, just takes off!  I’m telling ya she was very dramatic.  I have a ritual of naming all my catches and I wanted to name her Wynonna for Gregg, but he and I both agreed she much more of a “Karen”.”  

Maryglenn goes on to say… “I remember every Musky catch I have ever had.  You would not believe how many random details I have stored away about this catch and all the rest.  This one is probably my favorite of all to date!” 

Well Marglenn, you have an email coming your way.  Thanks for sharing your story and cracking on Gregg a bit, it’s a favorite of ours around here!  Everyone else should feel free to share their stories as well by emailing some details about the catch and attaching a photo in email to thecatch@muskyhunter.com YOU COULD BE THE NEXT “The Catch”!!!! 


Gregg Thomas

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