Ranger Boats World Championships

Ranger Boats World Championship – Day 2 Recap!

Day 2 is over and in the bag!  Better day than yesterday with fish and 19 boats qualified for Day 3.  15 Fish caught today on the Chippewa Flowage.  

51.25 is in fifth place – this fish is the big catch of the day.  

The youngest female in the competition and her dad, Erica Peterson, doubled today.  She has a broken arm and she caught her first ever Tiger Musky today.  Jokingly, she may be looking for a new partner – thinks she could do better than her old man!  

Day 3 is a short day and 19 teams on the water.  Suspense is in the air!  We will be covering it like we covered the first two days!  Looking forward to a great closeout and naming the Ranger Boat World Championship Team! 

As soon as the media is released from today we will get that posted!  Thanks for checking in!



The Stars of the Day – The Fish that is…

Gregg Thomas

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