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OHMC 2021 May Madness Tournament

Now that breaking ice is behind us, time to go crazy with some May Madness. Our next event is
Saturday, May 15 th at Salt Fork Lake. The muskies can always be muskies, but we should be putting lures
in front of hungry fish fully recovered from the spawn with shad spawning on shoreline cover

This event is a big fish event with a $15 entry fee with the winner being the angler who
catches the longest fish above 30 inches. To add some Madness, you can choose from our standard Big
Fish Pool with an additional $5 fee or our Total Points Pool with an additional $35 fee. Both pools will
payout 100% of all pool entry fees.

In the case of the Big Fish Pool, winner takes all. In the case of the Total Points Pool, 1st place is 60%, 2nd place is 30% and 3rd place is 10%. The Total Points Pool will require pictures on a bump board and of the angler holding the fish and a bunch of rules. Pictures should be texted into the number that will be provided to you at closer to the tournament date. Please read the rules linked below as well as the Total Points Information sheet.

All anglers in a boat must be registered for the tournament and must be signed up for the same pool. If you are fishing by yourself, it is much easier to take the required pictures for the Total Points Pool if you have a cell phone holder with a suction cup to attached to your boat where needed. They can be had for less than $15 at Walmart, Target, or similar stores.

All Total Points Pool anglers must use a bump board measuring device. If you do not have one, here is a
link to Muskie Bumper, they make great boards: https://www.muskiebumper.com/

Everyone will launch from the Old Marina Boat launch with tournament hours from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm. The registration for this tournament will be online only and you must be registered by 9 am, Friday, May 14th to participate in the tournament.

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Gregg Thomas

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