First time musky for our client. 45.5 incher!

New River, VA fishing report Captain Ken Trail

MH Fishing Report

Another fantastic week of fishing for Team Rock On! The fish are in the predictable pre-spawn locations and have put the feed bag on! Had a couple tough days of high pressure and absolutely zero clouds but we still managed by moving to

deeper running baits. The cloudy days provided big numbers of
fish in the bag and some really nice pre-spawn females!
Again our number one bait this week was the larger SloFlo glide

bait. We are working these glides semi-aggressively on the
edges of ledges and bank side eddies that are holding fish.
We also caught a few nice fish on the Hot Tail dive and rise. We
love to really pump these baits to get some depth and then just a

nice smooth pull and pause. The fish can’t stand it!  Llungen Lures .50 cal and the Boss Shad minnow were a great
choice this week during the high pressure, sun soaked days. We

were twitching both of these baits aggressively, with small
pauses. We were looking for that reaction bite, and sometimes
you just have to get down on their level!
If you’d like to experience the James or New river in VA give me
a call!


Captain Ken Trail



Gregg Thomas

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