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The Hook Defender

As part of the FEB/MAR 2021 Musky Hunter Magazine’s New Product Showcase these guys are new to the scene and want to help you keep your lures from tangling so bad.  As musky fisherman we all deal with tangles in rods, in line and in our carpet.  Traveling or carrying musky equipment can be a pain especially with big lures.  This could be the answer; let them tell you in there own words. 

Fishing is a hobby for most and a career for some!
It is a way to get away, relax, and spend time with friends and family!

No one wants to deal with snags in your vehicle, on your boat or your clothes, or having to detangle your line and lures when you get to your favorite fishing hole!

To enhance your fishing experience like it was meant to be, we introduce the Hook Defender 




Hook Defender – Home

Gregg Thomas

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