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New Lure Alert!!! Ever hear of the Mobster?

Another awesome bait we started throwing this week is the new Musky Mobster by Hellbender Lures ! This innovative new soft plastic crawfish is about 10” long with a huge body and pincers that kick as you pull it along. Something brand new that the muskies haven’t seen but also keying in on the fact that our river muskies take full advantage of the abundant crawfish resource in these waters and when you put a giant crawfish in front of a hungry musky, it doesn’t stand a chance! In the first week using these baits we have already gotten a ton of action and landed some fish realizing quickly the potential this bait has in our southern rivers as well as rivers and lakes everywhere ! I’ve been fishing the Mobster on the bottom with long breaks in movement and a few hops / sweeps upward and then more long pauses . The muskies have been picking the bait up on the hop / sweeps and absolutely loading the rod up when they do! Such a fun bait to fish and when you have conditions like these ( high water with low water temps ) the fish condense into very specific areas making it really easy to target them with the mobster! 
With more snow and rain in the forecast, Virginia rivers will continue to run high and fast with that beautiful green water we all like to fish! Get your cold weather gear on and get out there , this is prime time for big fish y’all! 

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Gregg Thomas

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