Musky Hunter Magazine Under New Ownership

All Musky Productions LLC, headed up by musky fishing pros Tony Grant and Gregg Thomas has purchased Musky Hunter magazine from Esox Promotions Inc. Effective with the October/November 2018 issue, the magazine, website and merchandise will now be under the management of All Musky Productions.

Esox Promotions, jointly owned by Jim and Suzanne Saric, has published the magazine since 1997. The purchase price was not disclosed.

Grant and Thomas are no strangers to readers of Musky Hunter as each has been a field editor for more than 20 years. Their goal is to give the magazine a more widespread appeal. “Our goal is to provide up-to-date information from all across the musky range with more articles from the new and old generations of musky anglers, with more information coming from women, kids and the everyday angler,” Grant said. “We will publish regional news from Midwest, Canada, South, East and West in every issue, and expand musky promotion into podcasting as well.”

Thomas hopes to make Musky Hunter the “people’s magazine,” and sees it extending the Musky Road Rules philosophy. “We want to show people how to catch muskies and have a better time on the water. We will offer regular columns that focus on small areas of fishing from terminal tackle, electronics and equipment, and to spotlight successful anglers and give credit where it needs to be given.

“The goal for us in taking on this endeavor is to offer people an opportunity to be exposed to all types of musky fishing from across the country and Canada. There are 38 states with muskies in them, and how cool would it be to show them all off?”

Grant and Thomas are entering their 15th year with their Musky Road Rules Schools and Clinics, and jointly run the Ohio Musky Show and the Southern Muskyfest. Grant has owned the Mountain Musky Lodge on Cave Run Lake for 20 years, and has been guiding since 1991. Thomas has guided since 1996.

Saric, an internationally-regarded musky professional, writer, producer and host of “The Musky Hunter” television show, will continue to be involved with the magazine as editor at large. He sees big things for Musky Hunter moving forward.

“I turn this business over to the capable hands of musky pros Gregg Thomas and Tony Grant, who have extensive experience throughout the musky range and will bring a new perspective to the magazine,” said Saric. “It has been a tremendous journey for 21 years and I take great pride in how we expanded the brand throughout the musky range. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my staff, namely Steve Heiting, my managing editor, and Jennie Smith, who ran the subscription and merchandising side of the business, for their loyalty, creativity and professionalism during the past two decades. I will now concentrate my efforts on “The Musky Hunter” television show and expanding its digital footprint, so that I can continue to do what I love — educate and excite anglers throughout the world about musky fishing, and promote the exceptional products of my loyal partners.”

Under Saric’s ownership, Musky Hunter magazine greatly expanded its circulation and notoriety when it created a digital footprint by developing one of the first fishing websites, a highly-accessed forum, social media presence and the first and only musky fishing app. The company also promoted its brand through its high quality merchandise sold online and in its flagship store located in St. Germain, Wisconsin.

But it is the television show, which is entering its 13th successful season, that fires Saric up the most. “‘The Musky Hunter’ television show enables me to visually teach people all about the unique and elusive fish I’ve chased for 40 years,” said Saric. The show, which will appear again on CBS SportsNetwork, Fox Sports North and NBC Sports Chicago, is a fast-paced high-energy program highlighting musky waters, techniques and musky pros throughout North America. The 13th season of “The Musky Hunter” launches on January 5, 2019. Along with the award-winning television show, expect to see an increasing presence from Saric in the social media world.

Musky Hunter magazine is the largest publication designed specifically for the musky fishing enthusiast. The niche magazine boasts a long lineage of well-known and respected anglers throughout its almost 30-year history, including on its masthead four anglers who have been inducted into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame — Saric, Editor Emeritus Joe Bucher, and field editors Spence Petros and recently-inducted Dave Dorazio.

The magazine was founded by Bucher, Dan Laubenstein and Bill Tess in 1989 and quickly became the industry leader. Bucher has continued to write feature articles and provide his Moon Secrets in each issue to this day. The founders sold the magazine in 1994 to Willow Creek Press, which later sold the magazine to Esox Promotions, Inc., in 1997.

All inquiries about the Musky Hunter magazine should be now directed to All Musky Productions LLC, P.O. Box 370, Frenchburg, KY 40322; 1-800-23MUSKY.

Steve Heiting

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