Michigan has a Newly Renovated Fish Hatchery and Produced 20,000 New Musky!

This article comes to us from Justine Lofton with Michigan Live – Full Article can be found HERE

In Manistique, MI the Thompson State Fish Hatchery was completely renovated and produced 20,000 muskellunge fingerlings which were stocked in lakes of Michigan.  The rennovation included a new cool water facility and update to the pond complex.  While the plans for 2022 are to produce 250,000 walleye fingerlings they were only gearing up for 18,000 fingerlings of Musky last year and surpassed that goal to produce 20,000 healthy and robust fish ready to take to the waters.  

Inside the coolwater facility there is a hatchery building with a biosecure room that collects and disinfects the eggs.  There is also an egg incubation room and a hatching room with tanks for receiving the hatched fish.  The complex also is host to two 1-acre and four 1/2-acre ponds that are lined and netted to keep predators at bay!   There is also a lined solar pond which allows the water to be heated to prevent thermal shock to fish.  The investment included a new generator that will startup automatically if the main power source fails or power is lost to the facility.  

We here at Musky Hunter Magazine expect great things, including large numbers of new Musky, from this facility.  We have our eye on them and will keep you all up to date with any information they may share!  


Gregg Thomas

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