Llungen Lures is introducing blade attachments for the front of any lure

Llungen lures is now offering #8 and #9 blade attachments that can be put in front of your favorite rubber baits to add more flash and vibration.  These single blades are twisted on solid wire and have an open ended loop that can easily be connected with a split ring.  By adding this attachment it offers a couple of things.  One is vibration and flash from the blade spinning.   Straight retrieving soft plastics can be great during certain cold front situations and even at night.  The blade also adds size to the lure.  So for example if you are wanting to throw a regular sized Bulldawg but want to give it the illusion of a larger bait this would be away to do that without throwing something heavy.   Click on the link below to take a look. 

Gregg Thomas

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