Lake Vermillion

Lake Vermillion – What Happened to the Muskies?

The you tube video below is a scientific look into the possibilities of what happened to the Musky population in Lake Vermillion, Minnesota.  

Josh Brovosky and Nolan Reba provide this video – it includes science and personal opinions – an interesting look into this phenomena – this is not an endorsement but it does make one consider all the options to infer their own opinion. 

“If you are after a giant muskie, Lake Vermilion grows some of the biggest longest ones in the state. In fact, there are currently two giant muskies tied for the state catch and release record and both of these 57.25 inch muskies were caught from Lake Vermilion. However, the population of muskies and angler catch rates are much lower compared to what they once were. So what happened? How did it go from being one of the best muskie fisheries on earth to what has become now?”


Gregg Thomas

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