Kentucky’s Interactive Stocking Maps

Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife has done something very exciting.  They now have interactive maps with their stocking reports of species and location.  The maps are broken down by year and they have a blue fish icon on the map where stocking took place.  You can click on that icon and it will tell you what species and how many were introduced from that location for that lake.  Follow the link below to the interactive map. 

Cave Run Lake Musky Counts: 

2018 – 1,200 total – 6 different locations on the lake

2019 – 2,800 total – 10 different locations on the lake

2020 – 24 total – 1 location on the lake

2021 – 1,367 total – 10 different locations on the lake

2022 – nothing to report ‘yet’

Licking River Musky Counts:

2018 – 791,637 total – 2 different locations on the river

2019 – 462.964 – 1 location on the river

2020 – no stocking reported

2021 – 446,062 – 1 location on the river

2022 nothing to report ‘yet’

For ease to keep up with this years stocking reports – that calendars link is below!


Working currently with the KY Fish and Wildlife Department on visualizing and documenting a stripping of musky eggs for hatching purposes.  Will be sharing that when the weather allows us to get it going!  


Gregg Thomas

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