Guide Lines with Vance Kaloz-Part II of the Jerkbait Blog

Part II

The third thing I look for when purchasing a jerk bait is hook placement, meaning where do the hooks hang off the body? And if they are spaced out appropriately so they do not get caught when you are using the lure. These hooks are going to be placed on either screw eyes or maybe the bait is through wire. Regardless, it is imperative that these hooks are spaced properly. Imagine you’re using this jerk bait, or start and stop bait. When you are going through your cadence of jerk, reel, jerk, reel, etc. those hooks are going to be flying all over the place. That motion is deadly when it comes to triggering strikes, however if your hooks are not spaced out properly they can connect with one another, fouling the bait, deadening the action, and could quite possibly be the difference between catching a fish and not. Tune in for part 3 in the upcoming weeks. 

Vance Kaloz

Muddy Creek Fishing Guides

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