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Guide Lines with Vance Kaloz: Lake Chautauqua

Lake Chautauqua 

  I always look forward to the opener of Chautauqua lake. I know I’m going to be land locked here for until november 30th, sometimes 2x a day. That being said it helps develop a pattern for my clients, which is what it’s all about. Early season you think of lush weeds for casting and bait fish all over. All over in the weeds and all over in the open basin. That is the case right now.


  I compare this early season bite, be it casting or trolling, to rut buck hunting. You can catch them sleeping and acting somewhat dull-witted, if you will. On the other hand they can leave you feeling the same way, at points. It’s muskies-remember that if you are down on yourself. 

  Fish are everywhere, all species, it’s like an aquarium. You can go out casting and catch a walleye, snag a perch, hit a garr, bass, etc.. all annoying things when fishing for muskies. Don’t let those species fool you though- the muskies are still there. 

  The water went from clear to stained over the past 2 weeks. Temps are in the low 70s today and the muskies are responding well. 

  The trolling bite is great. Lots of fish but the big ones seem to be liking Wiley fatbodies, dks, & legend baits. 

  Casting is a blast for clients. Think start- stop- start- stop presentations. You want strikes out here, not follows. Our 8” raptor jerk baits are producing that as well as our 8” swim baits. See them

  Early season tip: It is important to stick to 1 tactic for your day on the water. Your window of opportunity will come. Wait it out and enjoy the hunt. 

  I tried to lobby for the 4th of July to be fishing boats only or no wake. I failed miserably. Thank god we got through that holiday alive. 

  Hard for me to give an update out here as often as I’m on the water. However I have some easy going clients today. 8” Raptors got them a 50”+, 47, & another 50”+r. 

  Blessings to all and stay safe on the water!


  Vance Kaloz


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Gregg Thomas

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