Guide Lines with Pete Rich: Chippewa Flowage

Musky fishing in the Hayward area has been great with multiple 50’s hitting the bag this week. Jacob caught his first musky and what a way to start. Jacobs fish ate a cowgirl jr in the figure 8. The following day I caught a 50” on a ball buster mag dawg from team rhino outdoors. This was a fish  we had been targeting for a week and when she finally ate it was our third trip back to that spot that day with no prior sightings of her that day  With water temps constantly dropping fish are scattered and using all types of structure. The key to fishing here as been mixing up what you’re doing from shallow to deep, weeds to rocks. Lure presentations have varied as much as fish locations. Swim baits, topwater, bucktails, rubber and crank baits have all produced fish. The only key has been big lures in whatever style you’re throwing.

Gregg Thomas

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54 or Bust Goes underwater with some baits – see them in action!!!

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2 short YouTube videos here take a look at both to see what the baits look like in action underwater!  …

Cave Run Lake/Musky Hunter Magazine – hosting Bluegrass Fall Brawl!!!!!

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Day 3 of Ladies Musky School hosted at the Deerfoot Lodge

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The 3rd and Final Day of Ladies Musky School.  Our Speaker for the Day was Brenda Maier of True North…


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