Guide Lines with Mark Kornosky: Lake St Clair

Lake St. Clair Fishing Report – Treble Maker Fishing Charters

Muskie – I am excited to provide a LSC fishing report as musky fishing has been nothing but
awesome and reminding us how special LSC really is. Starting August 9 th, we are now allowed to
fish in Canadian waters and have the entire lake to our disposal once again. Fishing has been
nothing short of spectacular as we expected it would be for this time of the season. The weather
is stable, water is warm and big fish are where they should be. As did many musky fishermen we
went out on Monday August 9 th and headed directly to our favorite muskie holes on the Canadian
side. All I can say is WOW, within a few hours of casting had several fish in the boat and lost a
monster that we couldn’t keep pinned and moved many fish. Since then, we have been targeting
(3) main areas, (1) Mid Lake / Weather buoy, (2) Thames River and (3) Belle River to Stoney
Point. Taking the time to search around locating those weed beds and or bait has been helping.
Focus on the stained off-color water versus the super clean. Casting we have had good success
on blades (109’s from Essox Assault) / Trilogies (Bite Back bait Co) right now. On the rubber side,
the Medussa from (Chaos Tackle) just can’t be beat. Don’t hesitate to mix in a Posseidon or
pounder from time to time. On the trolling side of things, it has been nothing but off the hook.
Working those mud lines, weed edges and deep water has proven to produce some giants for us
and many others. We have had most of our success on blades (9/10 combos), Trilogies,
Headlocks, Outcast and new TDL’s from Lapper Lures. We always we always have our favorite
Lokes and Ziggies in the mix as well. If you are fishing in the evening do not hesitate to stay out
after dark as well. On a personal note, please take the time to properly handle and revive your
fish as it is very important when the water temps are up. Have the proper release tools readily
available. If you need some additional information on how to properly handle these fish do not
hesitate to reach out to me as I will always take the time to help educate anyone that wants the
help. I can be reached via email at markkornosky@yahoo.com or through any of the social media
platforms. Hope to see you out on the water.

Good luck,
Capt. Mark Kornosky

Treble Maker Fishing Charters and Guide Service

Gregg Thomas

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