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Guide Lines with Mark Kornosky: Lake St. Clair report

Lake St. Clair Fishing Report – Treble Maker Fishing Charters – June / July 2021

Walleye – Fishing for walleye has been very good for the month of June and steady going into
July. June action was very good although we had many short undersized fish. Early June the
mouth of the Detroit river was on fire and limits were quick as harnesses were just what they
wanted. As the weather stayed warm and the water temps picked up, we moved towards the St.
Clair Light and Firecracker / South Channel areas using crank baits and crawler harnesses.
Utilizing both inline weights and bottom bouncers on the boards made a big difference on certain
days. Using your electronics to locate active fish is key, spend 15-30 mins locating fish, if the
graph is empty its simple move. We have been fishing 17-20 FOW on most days, Bandits and
Flicker minnows of all colors. Using the Precision Trolling app to get them right where you want

Musky – Musky fishing started out pretty strong casting for us the first two weeks of June and
has slowed up a little as we get into July. We focused our time on the Detroit River and Anchor
Bay with good success. Finding the weeds and getting out before the boat traffic really helped.
As the water has warmed fishing has slowed, but still getting bites. Typically we would be on the
Canadian side, but making the most of it on the US side. Again, focusing our time on weeds,
baitfish and off-color water. Trolling we have been working the deeper water from the South
Channel to the Dumping grounds on both sides of the shipping channel. Smaller cranks from Mo
Musky Lures have produced well for us as well as Ziggies and Lokes. Colors on the natural side
are our favorites. Don’t forget to mix in some bucktails and trilogies from Bite Back. On the casting
side, smaller twitch baits started out good in early June but now the fish seem to be more focused
on rubber. Mix up your presentation until you find what them fish want. If you’re in my boat you
know we love throwing Dussas and Possiedons from Chaos tackle most of the time.

Good luck,
Capt. Mark Kornosky

Treble Maker Charters

Gregg Thomas

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