Guide Lines with Dustin Magnan: Twin Cities and Central

Minnesota Fishing Report

This last week of July, I have avoided any fishing in or around the twin cities. The water temps
have been well above 80 degrees with some shallower lakes pushing 85 plus. I have been out searching
for deeper basin lakes and been on a few that were in the upper 70’s. The fishing has been very difficult
and have only moved a few fish and missed on a few trolling.
This week we finally got a downpour of rain and a smaller shower that I’m hoping will take the
water temps into a more fishable range. This weekend they are calling for high temps for the first time
in weeks to be in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s which will also help. Trolling deeper edges along with
throwing rubber or Lake Edition Beavers with weights have been the ticket to get these deeper fish
moving. I’m hoping this colder weather and the rain will finally move some fish up onto shallower
structure and get them much more active.

-Dustin Magnan Muskie Tracker Guide Service

Gregg Thomas

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