Guide Lines with Andy Schiera: Lake of the Woods


The week started with surface temperatures in the 73*  range. Active fish were located on isolated rock structures. Reefs, points & rock piles out of 6-8′ of water were most productive for my boat.

   As mid week temperatures increased to 75-76* there was an undeniable big bucktail bite.
Blades like the Esox assault 109, Big Tooth’s Niti Flex mag 8s & Cowgirls were hot for us.
Blk/Gold  Black/Char or copper/purple. Locating current area’s away from the algea blooms was most productive for us once the water temperatures rose above 76*. 
    As the week ended we dealt with high winds, thunderstorms and a cold front making for much slower moving fish. Most of the larger fish moved back into shallower water in the 3-5′ range. We managed to catch fish in vegetation, specifically tobacco cabbage and spaghetti weed on Posidens, Swimming Dawgs, and Shallow Raiders.
USCG Captain Andrew Schiera 

Gregg Thomas

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