Guide Lines-Product review of SIMMS Challenger Rain Gear by Guide Andrew Schiera

Simms Fishing Products

The vast majority of us don’t spend 60 hours per week on the water.  Most outdoorsmen get out as much as possible when they’re schedule allows it. With that being said, the time that we have is spent out there despite conditions.  This means high quality insulated gear is imperative.

The Insulated Simms Challenger suit is truly next level.  A comical disclaimer for the reader, I paid full price for this suit BEFORE I began promotional staff with them. Yes it’s an investment. $300 for the coat and $300 for the bibs is a little heavy. That is until you put that gear on. I have over 30 washes and 400 days on the waster and it remains as warm as the day I got it.

Simms *Prima-loft down technology is truly incredible. So light-weight that I can finesse up a bite on a jig rod even when its raining or snowing side-ways.

With fully taped seams, Zippered pockets and a 3-point adjustable hood, having wet base layers is a thing of the past. Another amazing feature of this suit is the abrasion resistant elbow panels. You don’t even know that they are there until you need them!!  The bibs portion is rigged with removable1/2” thick pads (Great for ice fishing) that don’t affect the comfort one bit.

Anyone seeking lighter, warmer, more effective gear needs to give this one a serious look.  When we’re warm and dry, we stay confident.  For those who didn’t know, confidence catches fish!!   Fish it well!

Andrew SchieraOwner, Full-Time Fishing Guide


Gregg Thomas

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