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Guide Lines from Ryan Marjama: Central Minnesota

As the warm weather months set in here in central MN we have been seeing fish and bait slide out into the basin. With the surface temps in the mid 70s fish are looking for cooler water. You will still find some smaller fish on structure but most of the bigger ones are deep. If you are having a hard time finding confidence in basin fishing I’d suggest fishing night. Some of them bigger fish will slide up during the night.  We have been jigging, trolling and casting bait schools in the middle of nowhere over the past month or so. When it comes to choosing a bait trying to match the hatch is always a good choice. Whatever bait is most abundant in each specific lake is what colors I try to use. The fish have been 10-20 ft down in the daytime. Mornings they tend to be a bit higher in the water collum because the surface temps drop during the night. In the afternoons we are seeing them slide down a bit deeper because of the temps rising back up. I’m fishing the lakes around Alexandria, Detroit lakes, Bemidji, Park Rapids and Walker areas as well as everything in between.
Anyone looking to book a trip with me can reach me at 218-255-4661.
Thanks for reading and tight lines this season!

Gregg Thomas

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