Great season ending story!

David and Eliana Dragisic had a nice send off on Chautauqua lake as it snowed heavily and blew treacherous winds again. 

  It’s was , yet again, a terrible weather day. The old standard corse of action- Snow, ice, time, patients, working with people and telling the truth about the bite- but that does not bother me. You still have to have the mind set that you’re gonna go out and win. You’re gonna get that fish to go. You’re gonna get that 40 lber or 50” Class fish this time of year. 

  This time of year, due to the weather hazards and general misery on the water, it divides the room, for sure. I mean-You’re talking tough conditions from the moment you start your tow vehicle(that may have 12”s of snow on it) to the time you place it in park at the end of the day(with maybe more snow on it/ maybe that snow has turned to a nice ice layer). That can truly weaken an anglers mental- maybe you want to “change lakes” or bite chase because you saw on a group text, chat room, etc., that an angler went out and caught a fish where there was warm sun on the horizon. 


   With taking all that into consideration, you have to know which side of the room you’re on. Can you endure? Can you endure when it’s the toughest time of year to get it(bites) going? Can you endure the possibility of getting a skunk when you have worked so hard to just get the boat on the water? Can you endure the fact that if you’re successful the house is still warm and it probably is the smarter choice regardless of the outcome?  All questions you ask yourself. Or if you’re a gangster in the game you don’t ask- you just do- you’re already ready for it, no questions asked. This is the moment- it’s time to get it done. Are you satisfied with your body of work for the year? That answer is NEVER. Once you have that mentality, you are ready for anything that happens on the water. That’s exactly where David and his wife Eliana are right now- and because of this mentality, they ended the season with their best fishing of the year. They went 8/8 with a couple fish the hit 30lbs and one that hit 35lbs and exceeded that 50” mark. Their no questions asked attitude resulted in a triumphant day of big fish. I could not be happier for them. Watching their growth as anglers & people has been pure beauty. They deserve every day to be that way. That’s not how it always goes.. and because of that they, and I, will continue to endure. 

Blessings all,

       Vance Kaloz



Gregg Thomas

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