Friday Fishing Report: Ken Trail – Southwest Viriginia

New River – Southwest Virginia 

High Water has dominated this week, but we are normalizing.  Water temps have fallen back into the mid 50s and have the fish a bit sluggish.  We have still been catching fish on a variety of baits.  But location has been pretty consistent. Fish are stacked in post spawn areas on the New River.  Try throwing smaller single blade inlines, smaller rubber baits, and slow rolling top water baits have been most productive. 

The James River – Southwest Virginia

The fish have been condensed down into the high-water areas.  Success has mainly been on slow rolling spinner baits and some glide baits.  Focus on the high-water areas as the levels are still slow to drop.  


Call for a trip in Southwest Viriginia with: 

Captain Ken Trail 



(844) 347-4682



Gregg Thomas

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