YouTube Video of Stocking in Pennsylvania

This YouTube video is a couple years old from PA and a stocking of Musky on Conneaut Lake.  Pretty interesting watch.  These fish went in over a foot in length , how big are they now???  Take a watch! 

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jared Sayers and assisting with the Musky Stocking of Conneaut lake. I wanted to highlight the program and also make sure that people know how hard Jared and his team work to manage our fisheries. This video shows the process of stocking muskies at Conneaut lake.

Hats off to Jared and his team, a great group of people who work extremely hard to manage our fisheries here in PA. I just want to congratulate them on stocking fish that are averaging 13.5 inches or bigger.  They are giving our fish the best possible chance of survival and we as PA Musky anglers should be proud of them! I caught a glimpse of the future today, and it was very bright!


Gregg Thomas

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